We are KEDIC

YOU NEED CONTROL:  When you go into production with factories, many of them are capable of running the whole thing for you. Some even have their own design team. Their capacity for quality assurance process may vary, though, which is why you need to be in control of the technical information on every style you produce.

BE READY: When things go wrong, which things have the tendency of doing during product manufacturing process, you want to have all the information at your fingertips, to have intelligent conversations with the factory.

EASE & LOW OVERHEAD: You have the freedom to approach and work with any factories when you own the technical info along with the patterns. We will give you that control, without you having to increase overhead.

WOMEN'S PLUS-SIZE:  We as a team have worked in the women's plus-size market for the past 6 years. We strongly believe everyone in every body-type and shape should have access to clothing they would love - in all price-points. We are here to help you answer the call of majority population that has been ignored for a long time. 

THE TEAM: We are a team of fashion professionals - with capacity to run any portion of the design, development, pre-production, and production process - each of us with solid industry experience. We love what we do, and always strive to remain transparent while delivering to every project. 

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P  A  R  T  N  E  R  S


Kazuki portrait 1.jpg

Kazuki Kozuru-Salifoska

Versatile fashion professional with 20 years of experience, Kazuki is both a creative designer & disciplined tech designer. A strong project manager, she optimizes the whole of apparel manufacturing process from design to production through integrative thinking and flexibility - while quoting from Star Wars.

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Doni Jantzen

Doni previously was the director of our private label and product development department. Doni is a Jill of All Trades that brings strong communication and project-management skills to KEDIC. Her multifaceted intelligence challenges us to improve and grow all the time. She is also our in-house physical fitness and wellness coach, and we are ever so grateful.